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Top 10 Reasons To Join The Rhinecliff Fire Department

1. Free training that includes EMT training, firefighter training, CPR and more
2. State tax credits
3. Learn new skills and help your neighbors
4. Enjoy the benefits of being part of a community organization
5. Have access to scholarships, loans, mortgages, customer discounts on cell phones, fuel and more that are not available to the public
6. Be a part of parades and celebrations; don’t just watch from the curb
7. Free membership use of the firehouse
8. Explore the opportunities available as a career Firefighter or Paramedic
9. Become an active player in the safety and well-being of your immediate community
10. Own the satisfaction of making a difference to someone you may or may not know

Join Today

1) Simply fill out this form online.
2) Print the completed form and mail it along with a copy of your license and $5 non-refundable application fee to:

Rhinecliff Volunteer Fire Co.
Attn: Membership Committee
PO Box 6
Rhinecliff, NY 12574

Junior Firefighter Program

General Rules
1. Junior firefighters must be equipped with protective clothing and gear appropriate to the job needed to be done.
2. Junior firefighters are not to be used to make up manpower shortages.
3. Only qualified, trained junior firefighters are allowed to respond to alarms in fire department vehicles. They must be seated and wearing seat belts. No riding on tailboards!!
4. Junior firefighters may not drive apparatus.
5. Junior firefighters must conform to the rules and by-laws of the fire company.
6. Records are to be kept on file indicating that all junior firefighters and their parent or guardian have been advised of and understand the rules for the junior program.
7. These rules may be superseded by state law.

1. Junior firefighters may train on above ground operations provided there are two qualified instructors who are in constant attendance, one on the ground, and one above ground.
2. Junior firefighters may not work with hose lines over one and three quarters inches in diameter.

Support Services junior firefigherts can perform:
1. Fire hydrant inspections.
2. Fire pre-planning
3. All phases of fire prevention, public relations
4. Assisting in station and vehicle upkeep
5. Assist at station after alarms
6. Participate in routine and special drills,not involving live fire.
7. Drills using ladders not to exceed 35 feet in height

Click Here For The Junior Firefighter Program Application